Renew + Protect

This product delivers six active and powerful ingredients that work synergistically to optimize your skin health. Build beautiful skin from the inside out, and experience real results for yourself.

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Strataderm is a rapidly drying, non-sticky, transparent silicone gel for the treatment of scars. Intended for the prevention of excessive scar formation such as hypertropic scars and keloids.

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Probiotic HydraGlow Cream Oil

Probiotic HydraGlow cream oil helps moisturize and calm redness prone skin and support a healthy skin barrier. This luminous oil will hydrate your skin while giving you that extra glow to last through your busy day.

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What is @aestheticaMD?

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There is no such thing as anti-aging. It’s an oxymoron. Embrace healthy aging and you’ll be the best version of yourself at every age.


Dr Holmquist Health Care is proud to be working with a visionary company like @aestheticaMD who is working to solve unaddressed issues in the medical aesthetic market with innovative products. 

Barbara Cranner CEO at CytoActive