A TEAM with talent is good. A talented team that works as one united force to win is great! You'll be happy know that @aestheticaMD has assembled a really great team. Our team brings experience, medical expertise, outstanding customer service, marketing know how, and a certain passion to help aesthetic practices flourish and thrive. Join our family of synergistic and like minded companies. Let's build a great aesthetic experience together.

James Kone Jr

James Kone Jr.

James has pioneered brands and companies in women’s health and medical aesthetics for over 25 years. After leading SkinMedica, GLOWBIOTICS, and Stratpharma to profitability, James founded AestheticaMD to elevate novel aesthetic brands across five distinct verticals that service dermatologists, plastic surgeons, an other aesthetic professionals. James lives in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Wendy Roberts

Dr. Wendy Roberts
Chief Medical Director

As a preeminent Board Certified Physician, Dermatologist and Board Certified Dermatopathologist, Dr. Roberts specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology, Generational Dermatology™ and Ethnic Skin of Color. Well-equipped by the rigors of her Stanford Medical School training, surgical and dermatology residences, and Pathology fellowship, Dr. Roberts is the Founding Director of Dermatopathology of Loma Linda Division of Dermatology. She has tackled and triumphed over a comprehensive range of skin problems, diseases and conditions using innovative methods that have earned her national and international recognition. Generational Dermatology™ is a practice she’s very passionate about which imparts education and science to help treat patients from the generational boom worldwide. We are very pleased to have Dr. Roberts as the aestheticaMD medical director.

Curtis Bentzel

Curtis Bentzel
VP of Customer Relations

Curtis is a beloved support specialist to accounts and every aesthetic rep’s best friend. He has the innate ability to align aesthetic products to the needs of customers and help them to maximize their spend and revenue potential. Curtis resides in San Diego, CA.

Mandy Lauderdale

Mandy Lauderdale LME
Director of Education

Mandy has been deeply invested in the evolution of skin health for over 20 years. As a licensed medical aesthetician, nothing gives her greater joy than sitting down with a patient and empowering them with solutions. She has an eclectic background in entertainment and marketing, which she taps into in order to convey a message with humor and spunk, making her ideal for the role of Director of Education. She is pivotal in helping our sales team understand what providers need to thrive.

Zoe Neilson

Zoe Neilson
Chief Development Officer

Zoe brings startup corporate development and fundraising strategy to the table. As a founder and entrepreneur herself, Zoe is a multi-faceted asset for growth. With expertise in buy side M&A, she also adds valuable insights into what metrics need to be developed and monitored for continued growth and exit strategies. Zoe lives in Marin County, CA.

Alexa Poole

Dr. Alexa Poole
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Poole has over 25 years of scientific and clinical experience in the fields of cancer research and dermatology. Dr. Poole will liaise with physicians, lead client education, KOL Development, and conduct clinical trials Alexa resides in Carlsbad, CA.

Abby Leadon

Abby Leadon
Chief Marketing Officer

Abby has the Midas touch when it comes to marketing aesthetic products, She has successfully catapulted mybody skincare, GLOWBIOTICS, and Stratpharma into industry darlings in the US. Abby resides in Scottsdale, AZ.